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Addr: Shenzhen Fu and Yongxin Tianrui Industrial Park B7 building two East Gate
Tel: 0755-29368893
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Website: http://www.aoxiangsz.com
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Shenzhen Aoxiang vacuum casting equipment Co. Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise of precision machinery and equipment development, design, manufacturing and service as a whole, and has all kinds of advanced processing and testing equipment performance and high precision. Has the very strong mechanical processing, welding and mechanical and electrical assembly and other production capacity. The spirit of "strict", "good faith" the spirit of enterprise, we pursue new technology, high performance, excellent quality products. Company has strong technical strength, has been the user's praise.
Our professional production for vacuum casting machine, oven and vacuum defoaming machine injection molding, has space for measuring LCD liquid crystal cell and capacitor film thickness.
1: vacuum injection molding machine
Vacuum injection molding is in the vacuum conditions, to the silicone rubber mold injection of hot hardening resin, in order to obtain the desired shape of the forming method, the size of the outline of the texture accurately and without defects. This vacuum injection molding method, can replace ABS, PP, PMMA, PA and other rubber mold forming needs.
Since no metal molds, can produce high precision at low cost of products. Very suitable for medical devices such as the annual supply of only a few hundred units of small quantities of products.
2: oven
The oven product equipment is used with the vacuum filling machine and the low pressure filling machine, and is used for baking the resin material to solidify the resin. Can accurately adjust the temperature, automatically control the heating time.
3: defoaming machine
Vacuum deaeration machine using vacuum method to remove gas liquid injection type material, to avoid bubbles in high temperature curing.
4: precision thickness measuring instrument
Our production department is making instrument for thickness measurements LCD liquid crystal cell gap; capacitor film or other types of film thickness; also can be used as instrument for measuring film level very thin thickness, such as PI film, LCD liquid crystal display in ITO and the silicon oxide layer thickness measurement.
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Addr:Shenzhen Fu and Yongxin Tianrui Industrial Park B7 building two East Gate  Tel:0755-29368893    
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