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Product Name:HVC- 1 full automatic vacuum filling machine
Product Detailed:
Product Description:
Automatic Vacuum Casting Machine Configurations:
 PLC operating control system, Touch panel display, Digital vacuum meter.
 German “Rietschle Thomas” vacuum pump 
 Pneumatic actuated components
 Exclusive pots, A & B, for material handling
 Stainless Steel stirring rod and funnel
 Viewing window of reinforced glass
 Self raising platform
 Adjustable wheel and lighting
 Interior: High quality Stainless Steel liner

Model HVC-0
Power Source 3 Phases 380V/AC
Interior Dimension L500 * W550 * H830 mm
Exterior Dimension L960 * W790 * H1630 mm
Pump Capacity 0.75kw,25m3/h
Vacuum -97KPa
Max Casting Capacity 1.0 Kg
View Windows 1
Max Power 1.5kw
Machine Weight 480 Kg

Vacuum Casting Machines Specifications
 Model Exterior Dim.(mm) Interior Dim.(mm) Vacuum
Vacuum Capacity
Power Source Power Weight
580 350 610 300 260 450 0.2kw
-97kPa 550 220VAC 0.4kw 45
HVC-0 960 790 1630 500 550 830 0.75kw 
1000 380VAC 1.5kw 480
HVC-1 1060 920 1630 600 600 1000 1.5kw 
1000 380VAC 2.0kw 540
HVC-2 1420 1010 1800 800 650 1490 3.0kw 
3000 380VAC 3.5kw 960
HVC-3 1660 1180 1800 1000 800 1490 4.0kw 
-97kPa 3000 380VAC 4.5kw 1200
1660 1180 1800 1000 2000 1490 6.0kw
-97kPa 5000 380VAC 8.0kw 1600
HVC-4 1815 1180 1800 1200 800 1490 4.0kw 
380VAC 4.5kw 1500
HVC-6 2140 1300 2070 2000 1000 1750 4.0kw×2
380VAC 10.0kw 3500
HVC-7 2400 1600 2070 2200 1400 1750 4.0kw×2
380VAC 10.0kw 3800

Usage of Vacuum Casting Machines:
Vacuum Casting is operated in vacuum condition, in which the thermosetting resin is injected into the silicone rubber mold to acquired shape. Vacuum castings are precise replicas of the patterns, dimensionally accurate without blemishes, with all profiles and textures faithfully reproduced. It is an alternative technique for the production of prototype castings which mimic injection molded parts such as ABS, PP, PMMA, PA and different grades of rubber.
As no metal mold is required, high precision prototype products could be fabricated at very low cost with this vacuum casting method. It is most suitable for apparatus in small quantities such as for medical areas as annual volume would only be around hundreds sets.

Basic Operating Procedures of Vacuum Casting:
1. Prepare the silicone rubber mold according to the Master Model.
2. Place the mold into the Vacuum Casting Machine.
3. Put the thermosetting resin into the Machine. Apply vacuum, degas and stir.
4. Pour the resin into the mold, then return to atmosphere.
5. Bring out the mold and put it into a heating oven for resin curing.
6. Remove the casting
(Master Model could be obtained by engraving with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, ABS plastic. Thermosetting resin material could be Polyurethane, PUR.)
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